Couch Coat Love Seat


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  • Protects loveseat from spills and wear
  • Reversible microfiber cover
  • Brown on one side, beige on the other side
  • Perfect for homes with pets and children
  • Keeps loveseat looking like new
  • Machine washable
  • Loveseat cover only



You love your loveseat and want to protect it from spills, food, and shedding, scratching pets. Couch Coat Loveseat is the reversible, washable, quilted cover that protects your loveseat.  Easily protect against spills, stop stains, dirty pet paws, and sharp claws. Couch Coat Loveseat keeps your loveseat clean and looking like new! The reversible design has two colors: brown and beige. Couch Coat Loveseat is so easy to install.  Just lay it on your loveseat. That’s it. No fussing. No pulling. No sweating. Couch Coat Loveseat fits over most upholstered loveseats. Plush, quilted microfiber makes any loveseat cozy and comfortable. It’s a must-have for people with children and pets.  Couch Coat Loveseat’s overlapping back flap holds it firmly in place so it won’t budge while sitting. When Couch Coat Loveseat gets dirty, just toss it in the washing machine. Give your outdated loveseat a modern makeover.

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